One-million trees planted & protected in Whatcom County — for our well-being & future.

Yes, it’s truly possible if we join together!

GET INVOLVED today With Our Million Trees project

1. Partner

Have or manage a local business? Let’s talk! Our innovative, well-publicized partnerships will help you become a green leader locally in your business sector. Boost your bottom-line while giving back to your community. Respond to the growing desire of customers and staff to enhance our region NOW.

2. Donate

Uniquely celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday or holiday. Or dedicate your gift to a friend/family member — or honor the memory of a loved one — in a lasting, living way. Every $10 donated will plant a tree locally — and care for it to thrive — and will support our tree protection efforts.

3. Advocate

Assist our advocacy work with policymakers and private and public landowners, advancing innovative project ideas, improved regulations, and new incentives (i.e. carbon credits, land trades) that will expand our urban tree canopies and protect older trees in key watersheds.

4. Educate

Join our enthusiastic volunteer team that’s raising Whatcom County’s tree awareness via community events, cutting-edge research, tree seedling growing & rescue efforts, cool films and author presentations, and more! All highlighting the many benefits of trees and healthy forests.

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The Million Trees Project Mission

To plant and protect 1 million trees in Whatcom County as an urgent response to climate and biodiversity crises — action which will also enhance the health and resilience of all of our local communities.


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