About Us

Our Roots — How We Got Started

Just before the pandemic arrived, an informal working group began to meet monthly in response to Whatcom County Executive Satpal Sidhu’s call to plant one-million trees over five years in our County. That equals one tree per year for each County citizen.

We’re not the first county to take on such an ambitious challenge. King County in Seattle, for example, has just completed its successful five-year, one-million tree initiative. They’re now aiming for even more ambitious tree-planting goals.

In early 2021, the informal working group approved a plan proposed by Michael Feerer to shift into taking concrete, innovative actions to meet the goal, which was expanded to include planting and protecting trees in Whatcom County. Thus our all-volunteer nonprofit was born.

We are now 501c3 certified for tax-deductible donations and are ramping up our planting and protection projects, as you can see elsewhere on this website! Please consider donating to further accelerate our important cause. Donate Now

tree roots

Our Mission

To raise funds, awareness, and participation by local businesses, agencies, tribes, groups and individuals to collectively plant one-million trees in Whatcom County over the next five years (by April 2026).

It’s a regional response to the climate crisis. And a powerful way to enhance everyone’s health & well-being for generations to come.

We only support ecologically-sound practices that respect all facets of our community.

Our Values

  • Local.
    Focused on Whatcom County needs & benefits.
  • Innovative.
    Fearlessly innovative to fuel our results.
  • Collaborative.
    We support local, proven tree-planting partners.
  • Listeners.
    We listen well to discover core needs that lead to successful partnerships.
  • Open.
    We publicly share all of our ideas, even if they ultimately flop.
  • Justice-Seeking.
    We seek to address imbalances suffered by diverse groups regarding forestlands.
  • Science-Based.
    Whether from local experts or wide-ranging research, science informs us.
  • All-volunteer.
    Dedicated volunteers mean 90+% of every dollar donated goes to planting trees.

One other really important thing:
We’re independent — from any particular individual, group, or agency.

Nothing to skew our work in any way. We’re ALL IN to fulfill our mission with the highest integrity.
That’s our promise.

Volunteer Staff

As an all-volunteer nonprofit, we knit together highly-skilled local individuals who feel a strong passion for trees/nature and a desire to make a difference in our community and the wider world. We’re always looking for additional skilled volunteers. Interested in helping? Please contact us.


We have an enthusiastic, AWESOME team of skilled interns from Western Washington University and the Bellingham community. They immediately get it when it comes to climate change and biodiversity loss, and to personally stepping up to do something NOW to help to address it. Interested in joining our intern team? Please contact us!


Our very experienced, locally engaged Board is excited about spreading the word about WTMP’s mission and successes to key sectors of the community as well as giving wise policy guidance.

WMTP Ambassador

Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council is composed of people with specialized expertise who have agreed to be readily-available to WMTP as needed for guidance and perspective. More Advisory Council members will be added over time as needed. Have a special expertise that may be useful to us? Please contact us.