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Cordata Park Tree Planting, Bellingham, WA

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Cordata Park East Edge Tree Plantings

New Park Trees Will Capture Carbon & Provide Much Needed Shade

During 2022-2023, Whatcom Million Trees Project planted 120+ trees along the east edge of the Bellingham’s Cordata Park. (See bright green areas on map.) The tree seedlings sit along a backdrop of quaking aspens and other mature trees on adjacent properties.
We identified this planting area by working with COB Parks’ landscape architect and reviewing the park’s master plan. Most of Cordata Park is protected wetlands and playground/activity areas. But we were able to identify peripheral planting areas for more tree canopy.
To accomplish the above tree planting, we first held several work parties during 2022 to remove extensive Himalayan blackberry and other non-native plants from the areas. In coordination with COB Parks, we then planted tree seedlings using a “right tree, right place” mix of native conifer and deciduous trees that will capture carbon, support the adjacent wetlands, and (eventually) provide much-requested shade for hot summers there!
Each tree seedling we planted was mulched, plus caged/tubed for protection from animal nibbles. All will be monitored by WMTP for five years, especially after windstorms, severe rains, or extreme heat periods.

Volunteer Opportunities

Do you walk Cordata Park frequently? Want to volunteer to be one of our “eyes” who occasionally checks our tree planting area there? Please let us know!
Want to volunteer in a WMTP work party? Meet other tree-lovers, enjoy fresh air, have fun, and contribute to a cool project and important cause? Please join our work party contact list!

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Home > Projects > Tree Planting > Cordata Park

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