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Woodstock Farm Park, City of Bellingham, WA

WMTP PlanTing Project

Woodstock Farm Park Tree Enhancements

Orchard/Forest Restoration at a National Historic Register Site

In coordination with City of Bellingham Parks, Whatcom Million Trees Project has preserved and planted more than 100 trees at beautiful Woodstock Farm Park — a wonderful National Historic Register site on the bay south of Fairhaven.
On the northwest side of the park, our volunteer work parties during 2022 removed Himalayan blackberry and other non-native plants that were reducing the forest’s health and biodiversity in this area. In early 2023, WMTP together with COB Parks planted 100+ native trees seedlings there, such as Douglas firs and western red cedars.
In bayside and entry areas of the park, our volunteer work parties during 2022 removed invasive English ivy that was threatening dozens of mature trees in the park’s forested edges.
In the southeast side of the park, we’re helping to restore a heirloom apple/pear orchard. We cleared invasive blackberry there and assisted Park Steward Steve Gaber to graft/re-grow heirloom starts to infill where orchard trees have been lost over time.

Volunteer Opportunities

Do you walk Woodstock Farm Park frequently? Want to volunteer to be one of our “eyes” who occasionally monitors our tree planting area there? Please let us know!
Want to assist a small team to take care of the park’s apple orchard? Please contact us!
Want to volunteer in a WMTP work party? Meet other tree-lovers, enjoy fresh air, have fun, and contribute to a cool project and important cause? Please join our work party contact list!

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Home > Projects > Tree Planting > Woodstock Farm

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