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Facilitating Forest Acquisitions in Local Watersheds

Facilitating the Transfer of Key Watershed Private Parcels Into Perpetual Protection

Connecting local organizations who seek carbon offsets to local forestland owners — in other words, facilitating forest acquisitions — is yet another way Whatcom Million Trees Project works to protect existing mature trees in our region.
Sustainability plans typically strive to reduce emissions (Scope 1-3) via new systems/hardware and operational changes. That’s important, of course, but maintaining/increasing our region’s natural sequestration of carbon emissions is also needed to provide a truly sustainable future. Why? Because…
(a) carbon levels must be dramatically reduced in our atmosphere — emission reductions alone cannot do that, and
(b) trees/forests offer so many other sustainability benefits to our community beyond carbon — such as biodiversity support, flooding reduction, natural cooling, fresh air, health and wellness benefits, and much more.
Working with us to create local carbon offsets is a compelling alternative to purchasing poorly-verified ‘paper’ carbon credits for projects elsewhere in the world. Recent analyses have shown, for example, that 90% of rainforest carbon credits are worthless in creating true positive carbon impact. Our local results…
— are easily verifiable as real,
— can showcase your organization as a locally-focused sustainability leader,
— are far more meaningful to customers than overseas projects,
— provide positive hands-on engagement opportunities for volunteers, and,
— may help to establish hiking, park land, ecological corridors, nature education settings, or other community assets.
We’ll lead you through a more nuanced, collaborative process than purchasing questionable overseas offsets at a fixed price per metric ton. Seen as a complementary piece of an organization’s overall sustainability response, local forest acquisitions can provide solid long-term return/benefits to an organization’s investment.

Volunteer Opportunities

• Are you a landowner or real estate agent for a sizable (50+ acres) forested property in Whatcom County? We’d like to know about your site(s). Please contact us!

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Home > Projects > Tree Protection > Forest Acquisitions

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