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How Local Business Partnerships To Plant Trees Make a Difference to Customers & Our Community

Send everyone a clear message that you care about our local community and the planet, not just profit. Work with us to form an innovative business partnership to plant trees in Whatcom County!

Positive local impacts are the most meaningful to staff and customers.

Team with Whatcom Million Trees Project to boost your bottom-line and reputation. Together we’ll create a well-publicized win-win partnership customized to your needs that will respond to the growing climate concerns of your customers and staff.

You’ll then be able to feature your support of one or more WMTP projects in your social media, advertisements, customer relationship/outreach, and publicity campaigns. And of course we’ll do our part to spread the word widely about you as our supportive business partner.

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Below are thirteen example ways your business can support WMTP’s local efforts. Each can be tailored as needed. Or we can craft with you an innovative new approach! Interested? Please contact us.

One for One

A simple and great way to get started! Plant one tree for every product or service sold, determined by you. This can be ongoing, for specific products or sales, or for special days such as Arbor Day and Earth Day.

1% For Trees

Similar to One for One, show customers you care by donating 1% of net or gross profits to plant & protect local trees. This can ongoing, or during specific sales promotions, or for holidays such as Arbor Day and Earth Day.

Round-Ups of Purchases

As customers buy, ask (verbally or in your POS system) if they’re willing to round up their purchase price to the nearest dollar to donate to us. This can occur for a certain time period or continually. Example Success Story: Village Books

Offset Your Carbon Impact

Calculate your company’s Scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint (we can help you with that) or your wood use (if you’re in construction). Then locally plant trees with us to offset all or part of that. Example Success Story: A1 Design/Build

Point of Sale (POS) Option

At each sales transaction, give customers a built-in option to add $1 or more to their bill/tab to support WMTP locally. Optionally, match it to empower your customers positive action further! Example Success Story: Pizzazza

Plant A Tree Per Employee

Choose to plant a tree, or multiple trees, for each employee (or per chosen Employee-of-the-Month). This can empower your employees since they’ll know they’re contributing to a better world as they work.

Donations Per Sale

Let your customers know you’ll donate per certain item (or service) you sell, or per certain sales threshold. We’ll promoe it widely to help encourage your sales and build a donation fund seamlessly each month — at no net cost to you!

Discount/Coupon Giveaways

Provide an earth-friendly exclusive discount code or exclusive coupon so we can reward one lucky participant per WMTP work party or special event. A great way to bring extra traffic to your business!

Sponsor a Tree-Planting Event

Synergize with us (and perhaps some of your key B2B relationships) to sponsor a tree planting event for a local school, park, or non-profit organization. Doing good as a team will multiply the benefits and value.

Team-Building Work Party

Help your staff team up for an outdoors work party with us at a local park. The events are fun, outdoors, energizing, and have terrific positive value for your staff to work together well! Example Success Stories: Anytime Fitness, Superfeet

Exposure via Community Events

Contribute items of value to WMTP that we can use or raffle at popular community events. Get lots of positive exposure there and via our social media, etc. Example Success Story: Backcountry Essentials


Include WMTP in your promotional materials/advertising for a period of time, to expand local awareness and to demonstrate your WMTP support for greater local health & climate resilience. Example Success Story: Dewey Griffin Subaru

Corporate Grant

Give a sizable corporate grant to support WMTP’s local tree planting efforts. We’ll promote you repeatedly at our community events and social media! Example Success Stories: WECU, Phillips66

Provide Needed Services/Equipment

Freely provide an expertise, service, tools or other items we need. We’ll highlight you generous donation repeatedly to our followers! Example Success Story: Bellingham Ace Hardware (tools).

10 Ways Your Support Helps

Mitigates the climate crisis

Restores critical wildlife habitat

Strengthens biodiversity

Creates fresher air

Supports cleaner water

Reduces soil erosion

Beautifies our community

Sends a clear message you care

Builds loyalty in your customers

Empowers leadership action

Be Part of the Solution! Join Us In An Innovative Business Partnership to Plant & Protect Trees in Whatcom County

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