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Petitions to save trees that are sent to local and Washington State decision-makers are an important part of Whatcom Million Trees Project’s advocacy work.
Petitions are one of the many ways we work to save urban trees in our local communities and threatened legacy forests in our local watersheds.
Advocacy to Save Trees | Whatcom Million Trees Project
Your voice truly matters and WILL collectively make a difference to save trees. Engaged “people power” always creates new realities in politics!
Quickly and easily, support our region’s climate resilience, biodiversity, and quality of life. Please sign one or more of our petition(s) below TODAY! It only takes a minute to do! And since these are advisory petitions (not election petitions), anyone can sign. You do not need to be 18 or older, a registered voter, or even live in Bellingham or Whatcom County.
Note: We deeply care about the privacy of your personal info. Maintaining the highest ethics is very important to us. Your name and email will not be shared with ANY other organization. When the petition is sent to its intended recipient, names and emails will be partially obscured.

WMTP’s Currently Active Petitions

Petition to City Hearing Examiner
Stop the removal of 327 mature trees in Bellingham

This petition urges the City’s Hearing Examiner to require modifications in a proposed 68-unit infill housing development by Stream Real Estate & Development Co. of Seattle. The hearing for this project is not scheduled yet but will likely occur later this summer.

By eliminating from the project just eight 2,215 SF duplexes, for example, that require double the site area of each of the other 60 units, a revised site layout can save many more mature trees yet still provide substantial infill housing for our community.

Petition to Wsda
Prohibit the selling of English ivy in Washington State

This petition urges the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) to add English ivy & Atlantic/Boston ivy to their Prohibited Plants and Seeds List. The WSDA list prohibits nurseries and other stores in Washington from selling harmful plant species.

Both are non-native and prevalent. Eventually killing virtually every tree they climb, thousands of trees just within Whatcom County are threatened (an estimated 100,000+ trees statewide)! By stopping the retail selling of these ivy plants, we can dramatically slow its damaging spread.

WMTP’s Prior Petitions

Protect Mature Federal Forest Lands from Non-Ecological Logging
On Earth Day 2022, President Biden issued an executive order calling on the Forest Service (USFS) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to conserve mature and old-growth forests as a climate solution. These agencies asked for public comment through July 20, 2023. Our petition asked them to act swiftly with a substantive, nationwide regulation that ends ecologically harmful logging of mature and old-growth forests and trees on federal land — so those invaluable trees can continue to mitigate the climate crisis, contribute to healthy watersheds, and provide ecosystem resilience.
Our results: 27 WMTP-based signatures were sent to USFS and BLM on July 19, 2023, adding to hundreds of thousands of signatures sent in nationally. Thank you to all signers!

Thanks for taking part in important local advocacy — for our trees and our community!

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