Work Parties

How can you have fun, meet others, gain new skills, enjoy fresh air, and participate hands-on safely in an important cause?

Volunteer for a few hours outdoors in one of our small-scale work parties!

WMTP’s work party focus depends on the time of year. Native tree seedlings are best planted in dormant (cold) months. So our work parties from late November thru end of March tend to be focused on tree planting. The remainder of the year our work parties prepare future planting sites, maintain prior sites, or remove invasive English ivy from existing trunks to save mature trees.

No matter the focus, attending requires no special skills, fitness, or gear from you. We’ll show you how to do everything at the start of each work party and provide all the tools and support needed. Working safely and comfortably as a flexible group, the work is always fun and satisfying!

Family members (elementary age or older) and friends can come too — and often do! Usually, we have 20-25 people per event. That’s big enough to do plenty of good work, but small enough to leave each volunteer with an authentic feeling of personal attention and connection.

Youth Volunteering Requirements: While kids 8 and up are more than welcome to join in, a waiver will need to be signed for each youth by their supervising adult, for each work party. Youth volunteers 15-17 years of age may also volunteer without a parent or guardian as long as they have the signed waiver! You can print and sign the waiver ahead of time (linked here) or make sure and let us know you’ll need one or more in the ‘notes’ section when you register, and we’ll make sure to bring some copies for you.

Please use the form below to RSVP which work party(ies) youll attend… and/or to indicate that you want to be notified of future work parties we’ll add later. We’d love to have you!

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Note that each participant will need to sign a liability waiver form before starting work. Thanks!

Please spread the word if you know anyone who would like to attend or be notified about our local work parties! Click here to see all of our other volunteer opportunities.

Businesses: Consider an Employee Team-Building Party with us! Get a group of interested employees together. Let us know, then we’ll handle the work party planning/logistics at a local site for you. The fun team-building event will have a terrific positive impact on your colleagues!

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