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Our Focus for Tree Planting Projects within Whatcom County:

Planting “right species in the right place” native tree seedlings in sites that have a public purpose or benefit, such as…

— parks, trails & Greenways,
— other public sites (campuses, schools, libraries, etc.),
— multi-user facilities (health care, faith centers, etc.),
— public mitigation sites, buffers & tree ‘banks’,
— urban open spaces (via mini-forests), and
— assisted regeneration forest areas.

Current Tree Planting Projects

WHS Wildlife Rehab Center Reforestation

Reforesting 12 acres of Whatcom Humane Society’s animal rehabilitation site.

Julianna Park Assisted Reforestation

Nudging degraded park woodlands into a diverse, healthy native forest.

Squalicum Creek Park Slope Reforestation

Infilling with native trees on the park’s western slope above the ballfields.

WWU Miyawaki Mini-Forest Planting & Education

Co-creating an innovative, dense mini-forest at Western Washington Univ.

Cordata Park Eastern Edge Tree Plantings

New trees along east edge to capture carbon and provide shade & habitat.

Lake Padden/Galbraith Parking Reforestation

Reforestation to replace removed trees due to new parking for trail/bike users.

Lummi Island Preserves Reforestation

Ongoing assisted reforestation of major Preserves on Lummi Island.

Woodstock Farm Park Tree Enhancements

Reforestation and restoration at a beautiful National Historic Register site.

More Tree Planting Projects Coming Soon!

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Home > Projects > Tree Planting

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