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Our Focus for Tree Protection Projects in Whatcom County:

Protecting existing mature trees and forests in…

key watersheds (Lake Whatcom, Padden, Samish, Nooksack) to help our drinking water quality, salmon, habitat, carbon capture, etc.

urban settings to reduce extreme heat impacts & floods/runoff, enhance our communities & air quality, etc.

other public or private parcels with at-risk trees due to non-native climbing plants such as English ivy.

Current Tree Protection Projects

English Ivy Removal From Local Trees

Hands-on campaign to urgently remove English ivy that threatens thousands of local trees.

Rescuing Native Tree Seedlings For Use In Protected Projects

Transplanting unwanted native tree seedlings/sprouts to where they’ll thrive in protected lands.

Lake Whatcom Watershed Forest Protection

Protecting our drinking water quality, climate resiliency, and more in Lake Whatcom watershed.

Stopping Clear-Cuts in Local Legacy Forests

Teaming with other nonprofits to stop timber harvesting in legacy forests of Whatcom County.

Analysis & Feedback on Key Bellingham Planning Reports

Building a better foundation for improved Bellingham urban tree policies & ordinances.

Greater Tree Retention in New Developments

Advocating for more balance in newly proposed infill projects via greater tree retention.

Raising Awareness of Nature-Integrated Design

Showing how nature-integrated design principles can enhance new development plans locally.

Protection of Large Significant Trees Per Neighborhood

Mapping and protecting large significant & heritage trees of each Bellingham neighborhood.

Lake Overlay District Tree Retention Revisions

Updates to improve tree retention on private parcels within local lake watersheds.

Facilitating Forest Acquisitions in Key Watersheds

Facilitating the transfer of private watershed parcels into perpetual protection.

More Tree Protection Initiatives Coming Soon!

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Home > Projects > Tree Protection

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