One-million trees planted & protected in Whatcom County — for our well-being & future.

Yes, it’s truly possible if we join together!

4 INITIATIVES OF Our Million Trees project That Need Your Help:

For Businesses:

Have a local business? Let’s talk! We’ll help you create innovative participatory donations for trees. As a green leader locally in your business sector, you’ll boost your bottom-line & reputation with well-publicized win-win projects. Respond to the growing desires of your customers to enhance our region NOW with their purchases.

For Individuals:

Celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday or other holiday or anniversary. Or honor the memory of a loved one in a lasting, significant way. Every dollar you donate to our Whatcom Community Foundation Fund will plant an additional tree seedling at a critical restoration / reforestation site in our County.

Land Policy Advocacy:

We’re working with large land-owning organizations and agencies in our County to create fresh, incentive-based, co-funded policies to plant more trees than removed by new development. And to convert their current tree-poor areas to climate-beneficial acreage.

Education / Awareness:

We’re raising Whatcom’s tree awareness with media campaigns, K-12 outreach and hands-on workshops, interpretive sites, and presentations. We highlight the multi-faceted value of trees and empower people to plant more, whether in their yard or by volunteering.

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The Million Trees Project Mission

The Whatcom Million Trees Project will raise funds, awareness, and participation by local businesses, agencies, groups, and individuals to collectively plant and protect one-million trees in Whatcom County.

Our project is a response to the climate crisis plus a potent way to enhance the well-being and health of our communities.


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Whatcom Million Trees Project
Funding one-million trees to be planted & protected in Whatcom County -- for our community's well-being & future.

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