Please join us to make a lasting, visible difference in the well-being & future of Whatcom communities — and the world.
We’d LOVE to have YOU volunteering on our team!

Whatcom Million Trees Project is an all-volunteer nonprofit. Eventually we may transition to a few paid positions, but volunteers will always remain crucial to our success.

Want to join an enthusiastic group of talented volunteers who are passionate about our cause? Whether you have just an hour or two per week available, or seek greater involvement, we’d love to hear from you! We’re flexible about fitting with your other time needs!

Volunteering needed

Below are all of our current volunteering needs:

Work Party Volunteer

How can you have fun, meet others, enjoy fresh air, and participate hands-on in an important cause — all in a safe manner? Volunteering in one of our outdoor work parties for a few hours to prepare sites and plant trees with us! Learn more

Board of Directors Member

We have a terrific five-person Board but are always keeping an eye out for additional individuals with Board experience and valuable perspectives. Meetings are monthly (except July and December) for 2 hours.

Below are remote work-at-home volunteer positions, with Zoom coordination as needed:

Project Coordinator

For one or more of our larger tree-planting or protection projects, you’ll coordinate semi-weekly with stakeholders and involved parties. A key position for a good, prompt communicator who enjoys tracking multiple factors and folks. 3-6 hours/week average needed.

Social Media Coordinator

We’re looking for a social media-savvy volunteer, self-directed, interested in building content, telling stories about WMTP efforts and ideas, and curating/highlighting social media content (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) related to our tree-planting and tree-protection mission in Whatcom County!

Video Editor

We’re looking for an experienced video editor to create a compelling, inspiring short-form video about our mission. Your professional-level results we’d then play on the big screen during local film events and post on our social media, website, Youtube channel, etc. Delivery timing is flexible. We’ll script the words and guide the storyboarding in partnership with you. Here’s an example from one of our partner non-profits that matches the flavor and style we’d like to end up with. We’ll be very generous in crediting you and linking to you!


Have a unique skill that may be valuable for us? Or just would generally like to help in any way occasionally when needed? Terrific!

Note: We also work with student interns from Western Washington University and other nearby campuses. To see our available intern positions, please check the Whatcom Million Trees Project postings in your campus Handshake app. Thanks!

Interested in volunteering for any of the above positions? If yes, please complete the brief volunteering form below. We’ll get in touch promptly. Thanks!

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