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Whatcom Humane Socity Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Reforestation | Whatcom Million Trees Project

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WHS Wildlife Rehab Center Reforestation

Reforesting 14 Acres of Whatcom Humane Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

We are super excited about starting Phase 1 of this new project in late 2023 — the first step of a three- or four-year phased effort with Whatcom Humane Society to reforest and restore approximately 14 acres of a former hay field at the back of their remote Wildlife Rehabilitation Center site.
Whatcom Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center reforestation | Whatcom Million Trees Project
Unlike the WHS main site in Bellingham, this site is not meant to have regular public access since the wildlife that are being rehabilitated there should not bond to any form of humane contact. So our work will carefully proceed in a quiet, non-obtrusive manner.
Over time, the reforestation will not only add substantial new native tree canopy to our region but also will restore additional wildlife habitat for the wide array of animals species that are being rehab’d on-site. It’s a big win for both the trees and animals!
Volunteers from both WHS and WMTP will join together on Saturday, November 18, 9am-noon to plant and celebrate the first 100-150 tree seedlings there. Here’s the link to the work party where you can sign up! Please join us there!
We’ll monitor during 2024 how these initial seedlings fare, to better inform and finetune if needed our planting approach for the larger later phases.

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